LeSueur County Soil And Water Conservation District

Krocak Farms were selected as the 2018 Le Sueur County SWCD Outstanding Conservationists. Krocak Farms consists of Bob and Liz, their son Marty and his wife, Sarah.

 Krocak Farms is located in rural Montgomery and is in its 5th generation.  The farm was settled in 1888 by Albert and Rose Krocak.  Albert was a Czeck immigrant who came to America and began farming immediately.

 Vladamir Krocak Jr, Bob’s father, put up a barn in 1919 for hogs.  Bob turned the barn into a dairy operation in 1977 eventually milking 45 cows.  In 1981 Bob and Liz were married and their herd grew to 139 milking cows.  In 2005 they installed a parlor which allowed for milking 189 cows twice a day.

 The Krocak family had farmed 450 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.  They experimented with ridge till in the 80’s and never tilled their soybean ground.

 In 2015 the Krocak’s decided to begin organic farming and raise just corn and alfalfa. They used only their cow manure for their nitrogen source.  Radish and turnip were seeded into their corn crop as cover crops.  Krocak’s commented that their soil has never been healthier since seeding cover crops and turning organic.  The wildlife has even come back to the area.

 The Krocak’s were the first in Le Sueur County to enroll land into the State of MN wetland bank program. Twenty-four acres of drained wetlands were turned back into natural habitat for the purpose of wetland credits. 

 This past year the Krocak’s retired from milking, due to limited organic milk contracts and sold their herd.  They are raising approximately 150 heifers and calves on their farm now.

 Marty and Sarah are in the process of transitioning into full time farming.  Marty currently works at Scott Equipment in New Prague and he and Sarah are raising 4 young children.

 The Le Sueur SWCD Board hosted the Krocak’s to an awards lunch and presented them with a 2018 Outstanding Conservationist sign to place at the end of their farm driveway.  The SWCD board thanked the Krocak family for all their efforts towards helping save soil.

Outstanding Conservationist

Le Sueur County SWCD 2018 Outstanding Conservationists are Robert and Liz Krocak along with their son, Marty and his wife, Sarah.  Krocak’s operate a 5th generation family farm that was established in 1888.

Krocak Farms were chosen for their continuous efforts in conservation.  They were the 1st in the area to establish wetland banking and they transitioned to organic farming in 2015.  Krocak’s also have been working with the SWCD establishing cover crops for the past 3 years, planted over 1000 trees on their farm, raise 150 heifers, maintain buffers and have CRP.  The Krocak’s commented that their soil has never looked so healthy.