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Buffer Update

Le Sueur County Buffer Law Compliance Guidance <- Link

County Ditch Buffers Need to be seeded by November 1st 2018!!!

Please contact the office about your county ditches weather or not you have planted the buffer!

Public Waters Buffers needed to be in November 1st 2017!! 

Please contact the office if you have any questions.

The MN DNR has completed and released the map that outlines where buffers are needed and what width they must be to be compliant with the state buffer law.  To review your property follow the link and zoom in to your parcel- DNR BUFFER MAP

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At the Le Sueur County Soil And Water Conservation District, we're dedicated to conservation:

The mission of the Le Sueur County Soil and Water Conservation District is to assist land users in order to increase the productive use of the crop, pasture, woods, wildlife, urban and recreational lands, while maintaining and improving the soils base, water quality, tree production, wildlife and quality of life in the county.

​​CREP has arrived  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minnesota CREP has arrived and it has started on May 15, 2017. Contact the office for more information or follow our links to the different destinations!

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                                                                                                                     December 2017

$387,100 in Clean Water grants awarded to Le Sueur County Soil and Water Conservation District for the Jefferson German Watershed Phosphorus Reduction Project

Le Center, Minn— Le Sueur County Soil and Water Conservation District announced today that Jefferson German Watershed Phosphorus Reduction Project has been awarded funding from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) through the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. 
The goal of the Jefferson German Watershed Phosphorus Reduction Project is to improve water quality in the chain of lakes by strategically placing Best Management Practices (BMPs) in places that will help reduce nutrient loading in the lakes. These BMPs will take the shape of wetland restorations, water and sediment control basins, and grade stabilization projects.
“The Jefferson German Chain is an important natural resource in our area” District Manager Mike Schultz said. “The Legacy funding allows us to accelerate our work to restore the lakes and rivers in the Jefferson German Watershed.”
Since the Amendment was passed by Minnesota voters in Nov. 2008, more than $143 million has been invested in “on-the-ground” projects. Citizens and local governments have installed more than 6,872 conservation practices to improve the quality in the state’s lakes, rivers and wetlands.  
“Local government staff and private landowners are working in partnership with the state to make a difference for water quality throughout Minnesota” said BWSR Executive Director John Jaschke. “By using sound science and on-the-ground knowledge and experience, our local government partners are able to identify projects that target the most critical areas, and therefore maximize the public benefits of the Clean Water Fund”.
In this grant cycle 93 applications were received, totaling $23.3 million in requests for the $6.5 million in available funds. 30 applications were funded. The project will begin spring 2018.

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