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In 2014, Le Sueur SWCD was awarded a Clean Water Fund Drainage Ditch Inventory and Inspection Grant. The Le Sueur SWCD, who acts as County Ditch Inspectors, partnered with County GIS Deptarment to accomplish the inventory and inspection of Chapter 103E drainage ditches. The project help create a ditch database  for approximately 250 miles of County Ditches.  Ditch inspection plans were created from the gathered inventory data and created by the SWCD to be utilized by the Drainage Inspectors and Drainage Authority that identify high priority sites for water quality.

2014 Le Sueur County Public Drainage Inventory and

Inspection for Water Quality Project

The Le Sueur SWCD was able to purchase Terrain Analysis for 175 sq. miles in 3 major watersheds. Terrain Analysis allows to further identify project areas along the ditch system and other important clean water projects upstream.


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The SWCD has been able to utilize Drainage Database with the grant (which was purchased by a Rice County CWF Accelerated Implementation Grant.

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